Sunday, 31 January 2010

Memory Wire Bracelet

Just a quick adnote.....

I have made a bracelet for my sis in law's birthday in February. I cannot claim that I came up with this idea, that was a fellow poster on Money Saving Forum, Crafting for Christmas 2010!
Poppy did a lovely bracelet using memory wire and lovely beads here is the link to the orginial inspiration. I was absolutely in love with it and loved doing my own take. I think next time I shall make it longer but for my first attempt I was really pleased.

I am very lucky I stumbled across a bead shop in Birmingham. It is in the custard factory, just down by digbeth and the prices ARE SO CHEAP!! Here is her website I do hope that those of you that live in the Birmingham area and love to actually 'touch' all the beads and maybe don't want to have to spend a fortune to get the ones you want will go visit her!

New Sewing Machine

Happy Times I have bought a Sewing Machine!

Wohooo it may be an old Frister & Rossmann 300, but to me its the beginning of my return to making cushion covers, quilts, clothes and being able to repair all those things around the house that have loose seams lol.

I am about to start on my cushion covers from the fabric I got as swatches from a fabric shop up the road. They gave me a big book and there are some really stunning fabrics in there. I shall post pics when I get them done. Does anyone prefer a particular method to their cushion making? folded or zipped? Also have seen some wonderful things around the web at the moment and I shall be putting a few recipes up this week that I love and I do hope that you will all send me some too.
till then happy crafting

Thursday, 28 January 2010

My first Post!

Ok so I am not renowned for being the most tidy or consistant person on the planet but I would like to think that eventually I will get into my stride and blog what I am doing.

I am on a mission to enrich my life and the lives of others through craft. I would like to think that the skills I acquire as I go along will be worthwhile showing to others. My children are my first students and enjoy doing crafty things with me on a regular basis. I would also point out that I HATE buying new bits to craft with, I try to use recycled material as often as possible. Hence Mr Ghosty here lol. He is made from a baby grow and eyes from a dismembered teddy (see The Crafting for Christmas thread on Martins Moneysaving Expert for more info on my teddy episodes lol)

I have long been a card maker and I think I am pretty good at it too. I was told to go into business and sell them, but to be honest I craft because I enjoy it and its a wonderful hobby, I would hate it to turn into a chore I do to earn money!

So all I can say is watch this space, creative juices will begin and I shall post pictures and websites where I think you will enjoy copying other peoples crafty bits.