Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday craft time

Well, I am supposed to be cleaning or some other boring thing, but it is just me and lucy at home today, billie and kayce are at Drayton Manor with the guides, hubby is at work. So we have been in the garden, we have played seasides, football tennis and even checked the herbs growing.. it has been a lazy Saturday and really enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, I am still suffering with this strep throat and it doesn't matter what I take it just won't go away.. my sleep is suffering, I am waking up probably 3 times an hour as my throat is swollen and I feel as though I am not breathing. But I am sitting sipping hot juice.. and although I am worried about taking more co-codomol I think I am going to have to. but enough bleating.. I tried to do some more crochet and I have resigned myself to be AWFUL at it hehehe. I have now collected 90% of my bits for my vintage love swop and will post pics once I know Jenn has received it in a few weeks time. 
I would really love to hear from you if you have a craft that you think I might enjoy exploring, also I would love to do some more tuts if anyone has any ideas?


PepPop said...

Ouch - strep throats are no fun. Hope you're feeling better soon. Jaqui x

Angela Weimer said...

Oooh, Hope you are better soon. Strep is not fun. I use essential oil combinations when really sick. They work wonders. gargling with them normally clears it in a day or 2. I wish I could knit or crochet. have you ever tried miniature doll making. I am just getting into that. It is wuite a challenge but fun and small scale. Hope you feel better soon. Angela

Carmen said...

Hope you feel better soon Liesa. How did your Alice swap go? I had great fun in that, can't wait to see what you do in the vintage swap :)

Liesa UK said...

oh it was brilliant! I had the best things ever.. Angela who posted above you sent me things I nearly cried over hehehe.. if you go to her blog you will see what she sent me (the recipe book was to die for and is going to become a family heirloom I hope). I am going to take some pics of the swop items if I get the time this weekend xx

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