Thursday, 18 February 2010

My entry to the Simon Says Challenge

Ok so I have never done a challenge before and I was kind of thrown in at the deep end with this one!

but here are the rules we had to follow

This week the Design Team are all showcasing the Stampabilities range of stamps -
House Mouse, Happy Hoppers and Gruffies :-)We do realize that not all of you have any of these stamps so we have a Recipe for you all to follow :-)

2 PATTERNED PAPERS you can also use coordinating cardstock :-)

If you do have any Stampabilities stamps we would love to see them on your creations this week :-)

So I used Simply Fabulous Collection  - Maddi Embellishment papers I used polka dot and narrow stripe.

I also used a wooden stamp that I love with cats on.. called cat blocks (not sure who it is by to be honest)

I also used buttons recycled and collected from friends and some lovely crystals to add a bit of glitz! I love ribbon and although i would have liked some yellow ribbon all of mine is too thick so I settled with a nice cream ribbon to add my tag

I haven't put this as a particular card, as it is suitable for all ages and I have 3 girls so like to keep the sentiment open so I can adapt it. Also it means the girls can write what they like on the label and make it a bit more personal to them.

So here are the piccies!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Jack Frost

Ok, so this is supposed to be a crafty type of blog.. well I just found how to make a cocktail that I discovered in Frankie & Benny's! wohooo.. Jack Frost is the name and making me slightly tipsy is the game hehehe..


1part jack daniels (or bourbon of any kind you have)
1part triple sec
2parts apple sours
top up with apple juice..

serve in a large tumbler with lots of ice and a sugar rim.. and yum yum.. be warned it is sour and it is very very nice hehehe..

I am enjoying having the girls home from school for the half term. We have visited Alton Towers, been to Frankie & Benny's (re above lol) and we want to go to the Sea Life Centre soon, ( we have merlin passes so use these to the max during holidays, courtesy of tesco vouchers). I hope you are all having a good week and I shall be back to blogging in ernest next week.. Cherrioooooooo

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

I am lucky in that my husband also despairs of the commercialism of Valentine's Day and understands my point black refusal of any gift for it! So it was as any other Sunday, we decided to go out to a car boot and then to our local truck cafe for breakfast, yummmy yummmy.

I have spent the afternoon clearing the kitchen/craft table and boxing things up( having 4 kids I will be interested to find out HOW long it will stay tidy) and trying to come up with an impressive idea for my sisters request for a snowflake wedding card.

I have also this weekend begun my swop project for the alice in wonderland theme and have made a few bits for my fellow swopper (shhhh, I can't say what they are in case she is reading hehehe). I am really pleased with one piece and I am sure she will love it.

At work tomorrow and I am really not sure if this new job is for me? Does anyone else feel bad if they aren't stretched at work? I hate not having enough to do.

I am going to get some card making done this week, even though it is half term and I have promised a trip to the park, the sealife centre, the swimming pool and Alton Towers lol.
Picked up some bits in Au Natural today (it is closing down) I picked up some snowman bath gels and a few trays to make some baskets up for kids for xmas. I also picked up a glass anniversary stop thingamajig.

So busy weekend and I hope you are all having a good one! Ta ta for now xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Ok guys as you can see by the side of this blog is a new bit! -------------------->

I have created my first recipe, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce and it is soooooo easy to make so please enjoy it. Tutorial on the Tiara is there too! Enjoy yum yum.

Wedding Card

I know I have promised a tutorial on the tiara, I am in town tomorrow picking up bits as I realised that I wanted to do some pictures of each stage to make it easier on the eye. I know I find it difficult myself to follow just written instructions and I do like to see what I am crafting, so I hope to get that sorted real soon.

I have been asked by my sister to create a wedding card for a friend for her, now I have been known to do some interesting cards, along the lines of puzzle cards, waterfall cards etc. But her spec is throwing me and I just can't find any ideas!

She wants the colour scheme to be Royal blue, gold and cream. She wants snowflakes(but not Christmasy) and possibly if I can, a halo moon!! Sighs... I just am not sure how I can come up with an original idea. Submit any ideas to 'i am' lol. But seriously if anyone has any ideas that they would be kind enough to give to me I would love them please. liesa_is_fab at thanks guys! and tutorial coming soon xxx

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Weekend Crafting

So I had my weekend planned out,
1.I have to start on my patches for my quilt.
2.I must find a box to put all the gifts I am making in.
3.Make a card for sis in laws birthday next Sunday ( already made the bracelet).
4.Take photo's of updated tiara ( decided to add some colour and give it to my girls to play with)

OH has other ideas lol, he gently reminded me that we have to go to London this weekend for a trade show for work... oh it is such a bind having to travel to London and go and see all the lovely sights!! I shall miss my crafting but I am looking forward to spending some time there, and hopefully visiting the swarovski bead shop!

I will put a picture up of the new looking tiara and I do hope to write up the instructions in the next day or two , to show you how YOU can do a tiara at a fraction of the cost of the shop ones. And trust me, if I can do it I KNOW you can!!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Couple of things that I have done!

Ok so the first one that I want to show you is a lovely bracelet I made. I used mainly clear and purple beads and worked my way from the centre to make sure that it wasn't too heavy on one side.

The second project I have done today is a very quick tiara. I did this to show to a friend that the prices paid in shops is ridiculous when you can create something yourself, if you just give yourself a little time.

I used a gold headband and 0.4mm gold plated copper wire. I selected about 40 beads and if anyone would like the instructions then please leave a comment and I shall put them up on the blog.


Monday, 1 February 2010

Blog Tempates

It's quite difficult isn't it? Deciding on a blog outlook. I have surfed the net in vain to find a blog template that I like, I have finally settled on this one even though I am not sure I love it. Oh well, don't worry if you see different looks every few days, I am a woman who changes her mind all the time lol.

I have done some more crafting today, I managed to get some hand warmers done, I also did another bracelet for my present box. I shall be posting some pictures real soon.

Tomorrow I shall be posting my rocky road instructions, I have my able assistant taking pictures ( my 9 year old daughter, help us all for the quality lol). See you all tomorrow xx