Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring Mornings

I love mornings like this, even though I have to be at work at 10am I am still able to get the kids to school and get a wash out on the line. It must be a mum thing, wanting to behave like all the other women in the street and admire your fresh laundry out on a line! I like standing out in my back garden with the birds chirping and spending quiet time just pegging. It gives me time to think, I must admit my mind does wander to odd things but often I will think about crafting and today was such a day. I would like to know more about sewing. I would love to send whimsys, little pin cushions made with pretty delicate fabric. I would like to make a peg bag and also a lovely needle bag for my mum. I am going to hunt down some old fabric in the local charity shop. I shall try and get pics on here of my initial attempts and no laughing!

I also have joined a new swop, called the VINTAGE LOVE PACKAGE EXCHANGE. I had a wonderful time swopping with my last partner Angela and we have had a blast then and since. I look forward to gathering some nice vintage bits together for my swoppie across the pond this time. 
Anyway as I said, I have to be at work at 10 booo, so I need to log off for now. I hope to speak to you all soon and if you find some nice pics of pretty pin cushions then I would love to see them, even more than that I would love to see any you have made. Tata for now!


Angela Weimer said...

I had a great time swapping with you too liesa! You have spoilt me! I have neve seen a whimsy and I do love sewing. I am looking forward to seeing one on your blog. have a great weekend and may the nice weather last. Angela

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