Sunday, 31 January 2010

New Sewing Machine

Happy Times I have bought a Sewing Machine!

Wohooo it may be an old Frister & Rossmann 300, but to me its the beginning of my return to making cushion covers, quilts, clothes and being able to repair all those things around the house that have loose seams lol.

I am about to start on my cushion covers from the fabric I got as swatches from a fabric shop up the road. They gave me a big book and there are some really stunning fabrics in there. I shall post pics when I get them done. Does anyone prefer a particular method to their cushion making? folded or zipped? Also have seen some wonderful things around the web at the moment and I shall be putting a few recipes up this week that I love and I do hope that you will all send me some too.
till then happy crafting


Carmen said...

Hi Leisa *waves* whoopidoo here.

Looking forward to yor recipes. Are you following countryheartandhome blog? She is listing up 52 recipes, one a week, until the end of the year. They have all been YUMMY up to now. Currently have this weeks cooking in the oven as I type :) Look on her sidebar where it says 52 recipes challenge ;) I kid you not the lemon cake is out of this world. I have made FOUR this week. How I have lost 3lbs is beyond me!

Yay - I'm your first follower :P

Liesa UK said...

yay!! thanks Carmen xx

I shall take a look at her blog and add her too. I must admit with all my projects lately I have been neglecting my cooking. My girls have moaned that they haven't had any rocky road in so long hehehe speak soon xx

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