Sunday, 31 January 2010

Memory Wire Bracelet

Just a quick adnote.....

I have made a bracelet for my sis in law's birthday in February. I cannot claim that I came up with this idea, that was a fellow poster on Money Saving Forum, Crafting for Christmas 2010!
Poppy did a lovely bracelet using memory wire and lovely beads here is the link to the orginial inspiration. I was absolutely in love with it and loved doing my own take. I think next time I shall make it longer but for my first attempt I was really pleased.

I am very lucky I stumbled across a bead shop in Birmingham. It is in the custard factory, just down by digbeth and the prices ARE SO CHEAP!! Here is her website I do hope that those of you that live in the Birmingham area and love to actually 'touch' all the beads and maybe don't want to have to spend a fortune to get the ones you want will go visit her!


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