Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Wedding Card

I know I have promised a tutorial on the tiara, I am in town tomorrow picking up bits as I realised that I wanted to do some pictures of each stage to make it easier on the eye. I know I find it difficult myself to follow just written instructions and I do like to see what I am crafting, so I hope to get that sorted real soon.

I have been asked by my sister to create a wedding card for a friend for her, now I have been known to do some interesting cards, along the lines of puzzle cards, waterfall cards etc. But her spec is throwing me and I just can't find any ideas!

She wants the colour scheme to be Royal blue, gold and cream. She wants snowflakes(but not Christmasy) and possibly if I can, a halo moon!! Sighs... I just am not sure how I can come up with an original idea. Submit any ideas to 'i am confused.com' lol. But seriously if anyone has any ideas that they would be kind enough to give to me I would love them please. liesa_is_fab at yahoo.com. thanks guys! and tutorial coming soon xxx


Carmen said...

Everytime I visit your background is different *g*

No clues on the card I'm afraid - I'm rubbish at them but really looking forward to your tutorial.

Liesa UK said...

lol Carmen, I know.. I am still looking for 'THE ONE!' the background I go "oooooooooOOOhhhhh I love that!" at. Tutorial should be on by tomorrow I need to figure out how to take pics best and I want to think my instructions are easy to read.

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