Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

I am lucky in that my husband also despairs of the commercialism of Valentine's Day and understands my point black refusal of any gift for it! So it was as any other Sunday, we decided to go out to a car boot and then to our local truck cafe for breakfast, yummmy yummmy.

I have spent the afternoon clearing the kitchen/craft table and boxing things up( having 4 kids I will be interested to find out HOW long it will stay tidy) and trying to come up with an impressive idea for my sisters request for a snowflake wedding card.

I have also this weekend begun my swop project for the alice in wonderland theme and have made a few bits for my fellow swopper (shhhh, I can't say what they are in case she is reading hehehe). I am really pleased with one piece and I am sure she will love it.

At work tomorrow and I am really not sure if this new job is for me? Does anyone else feel bad if they aren't stretched at work? I hate not having enough to do.

I am going to get some card making done this week, even though it is half term and I have promised a trip to the park, the sealife centre, the swimming pool and Alton Towers lol.
Picked up some bits in Au Natural today (it is closing down) I picked up some snowman bath gels and a few trays to make some baskets up for kids for xmas. I also picked up a glass anniversary stop thingamajig.

So busy weekend and I hope you are all having a good one! Ta ta for now xx


Carmen said...

How exciting! Are you in the same swap as me? The one organised by Maggi? I will so look forward to seeing what you make. Am actually (inbetween blog hopping) scouring eBay for one of the things to help me make one of the things.... oooh we have to be so cryptic don't we? :-D

Liesa UK said...

OH yes Carmen it was your blog that led me to it hehehehe.
I am also searching for something to finish off a piece.. how many things are you doing? I have never swopped before so I am not sure. Cryptic is difficult when you want ideas hehehe.

Carmen said...

Well I had a brainwave last night so at the moment have 2 ideas :) If you want to have a natter about it bung me an email on and we can be as non cryptic as we like! Mwaahaaarhaaarhaaar! I'm also thinking of getting mine some British choccy as my swappee is in America, but unsure what would be very British that she wouldn't have over there. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

marmite, bisto gravy granules, heinz baked beans, yorkshire pudding mix lol.. those are the things I have to send to my aunt when she needs her english fix. She is married and living on base to an american soldier! Will email you later on, and send some pics of what I have done so far!

Angela Weimer said...

Carmen, Being american living in England I know the choco is definately to die for in england. the biscuts are actually much better and hard to find in the states too and the teddy bear crisps are yummy and not in the states too. there are alot of things that are not over there. I am actually back over here now looking for some stuff for my swappee!! he he I know she is listening........

Liesa UK said...

lmao!!! I can't believe you are spying hehehehe.. I shall be eversooooooo careful in what I am saying now hehehehe..

hope you are having a GREAT holiday Angela, good times when you are home xx

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