Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Jack Frost

Ok, so this is supposed to be a crafty type of blog.. well I just found how to make a cocktail that I discovered in Frankie & Benny's! wohooo.. Jack Frost is the name and making me slightly tipsy is the game hehehe..


1part jack daniels (or bourbon of any kind you have)
1part triple sec
2parts apple sours
top up with apple juice..

serve in a large tumbler with lots of ice and a sugar rim.. and yum yum.. be warned it is sour and it is very very nice hehehe..

I am enjoying having the girls home from school for the half term. We have visited Alton Towers, been to Frankie & Benny's (re above lol) and we want to go to the Sea Life Centre soon, ( we have merlin passes so use these to the max during holidays, courtesy of tesco vouchers). I hope you are all having a good week and I shall be back to blogging in ernest next week.. Cherrioooooooo


Angela Weimer said...

Liese, That cocktail sounds scrumptious. Enjoy your time with the girls and the rest of your holiday. Angela

PepPop said...

This sounds like my kinds cocktail - mmmm Jack Daniels. Jaqui x

Carmen said...

Oooh does sound nice. Your half term sounds fun too - I often wonder about those Merlin passes and whether to get some.

Liesa UK said...

Jaqui, I since found out that I would say that would do two drinks lol..

Carmen, I think they really are great value especially if your kids are into theme parks, they tend to pay for themselves after just two visits!

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