Saturday, 6 February 2010

Weekend Crafting

So I had my weekend planned out,
1.I have to start on my patches for my quilt.
2.I must find a box to put all the gifts I am making in.
3.Make a card for sis in laws birthday next Sunday ( already made the bracelet).
4.Take photo's of updated tiara ( decided to add some colour and give it to my girls to play with)

OH has other ideas lol, he gently reminded me that we have to go to London this weekend for a trade show for work... oh it is such a bind having to travel to London and go and see all the lovely sights!! I shall miss my crafting but I am looking forward to spending some time there, and hopefully visiting the swarovski bead shop!

I will put a picture up of the new looking tiara and I do hope to write up the instructions in the next day or two , to show you how YOU can do a tiara at a fraction of the cost of the shop ones. And trust me, if I can do it I KNOW you can!!



Maggi said...

Ooooo I love the idea of making my own tiara! lol Can't wait to see pics!

Carmen said...

How inconsiderate making you leave your crafting. I do hope you didn't get caught in all that fog. Had to go to Swanley this morning - real pea souper all the way! Blech.

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